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Silver Mirror Glass



SINOY silver mirror glass produced under
BS EN1036 Quality Standard. 
Top Quality, More durable, Ideal for home decor and deep-processing applications.


Painted Glass

We produce solid color back painted glass, lacquered glass with Italy FENZI paints. 
25+ standard colors available, also can be customerizes colors.


Finished Mirror

SINOY produce Frameless and Framed Mirror Glass as per customer's sizes and designs. 
Beveled edge, Flat Edge, Pencil Edge available. 
We offer OEM and ODM mirror services.



Made of non-corrugated GQA glass, no distortion, no distortion, more accurate, higher clarity, visible light reflectance can reach 89%.


The original mirror adopts Zhongli AntiCo anti-corrosive silver-plated glass lens, which is more corrosion-resistant, durable, and the decoration of star-rated hotels is more assured.can reach 89%.


Made of non-corrugated GQA glass, no distortion, no distortion, more accurate, higher clarity, visible light reflectance can reach 89%.


The original mirror adopts Zhongli AntiCo anti-corrosive silver-plated glass lens, which is more corrosion-resistant, durable, and the decoration of star-rated hotels is more assured.can reach 89%.


Epoxy Resin Copper Free Silver Mirror
Epoxy Resin Copper Free Silver Mirror
SINOY Hexagonal Mirror tiles
SINOY Hexagonal Mirror tiles
SINOY Beveled mirror
SINOY Beveled mirror
12" x 12" Wedding Centerpiece Mirrors / Decorative
12" x 12" Wedding Centerpiece Mirrors / Decorative


Sinoy Mirror Inc, a world leading mirror glass manufacturer, main products include, Silver coated mirror glass, silver mirror, copper free lead free mirror,Back Painted glass, lacquered glass,frosted glass,acid etched glass, AG Glass,Aluminum coated mirror glass, aluminum mirror,vacuum mirror,mirror glass, Vinyl Backed Safety Mirror, vinyl backed mirror,safety backed mirror,etc. 


2020-11-05 16:16:02
With this "mirror", gyms are everywhere!

On October 30th, MIRROR, an interactive home fitness startup in New York, announced that it had received US$34 million in B-1 round of financing. Early-stage venture capital firm Point72 Ventures led the investment. Other investors included Canadian yoga sportswear retailer Lululemon, supermodel and corporate Karlie Kloss, Kevin Huvane, founder of Creative Artists Agency, a performing arts and sports agency; Steve Lockshin, a senior angel investor, LionTree LLC, an investment bank that focuses on the media field, American venture capital firm Spark Capital, and New York early-stage venture capital fund Lerer Hippeau.

Up to now, MIRROR has raised a total of 72 million US dollars. After this round of financing, Steven Cohen, Chairman and CEO of Point72 Ventures, will join the MIRROR board of directors.

MIRROR will use the funds to promote its own continuous growth, expand into new areas, and achieve content verticalization.

MIRROR was founded by Brynn Putnam, a graduate of Harvard University and founder of Refine Method, a New York gym chain. After the first product was officially launched in September 2018, market demand surged. MIRROR is known as the "smartest fitness in New York", it is the world's first company to provide "hidden form" home fitness solutions: the core device is a "full-length mirror" response display. When closed, it is an ordinary full-length mirror. When opened, it is actually an interactive mirror display equipped with an embedded camera and speaker, which can reflect the user's status in real time, and also allows the user to see the trainers and classmates who are working out together. With this mirror, users only need a yoga mat to turn any room in the home into a home gym at any time.

From aerobics, strength training to yoga and boxing, MIRROR presents 70+ live fitness classes every week. The coaches are all certified fitness experts from the top fitness centers in the United States. Users can also visit the MIRROR library to order a wealth of exercise courses stored in it, and provide 24 hours a day service.

In the live course, the coach will provide real-time guidance and even encourage shouting, and remote training with other students also makes it easier for users to stick to the fitness activities.

In addition, this mirror display can also be synchronized with a Bluetooth heart rate monitor (included at the time of purchase) or Apple Watch. It can track the user’s physical data during exercise and optimize it in real time, so that the user can get the most out of each exercise in the shortest time. effect.


Written by Angus,from Sinoy Mirror Inc
2020-11-05 16:14:27
Mirror installation standards for dance classrooms
The mirror in the dance studio is generally 3m high and 3.5m wide. There are the following requirements:

1. Height requirements: The specific height should be determined according to the height of the dance room, generally landing on the bottom, leaving 0.5m above.

2. Area requirements: the area should be large enough, the height should be at least 30cm higher than the height of the person, and the width should be as wide as the classroom width.

3. Installation requirements: The installation must be firm and reliable, and there must be no shock or shaking.

4. Protection requirements: There should be protection in front of the mirror to prevent students from impacting, and a clothing box can be placed in front of the mirror.

1. The dance studio is a place for physical training and dance rehearsals in art teaching. It can also be used for the opening of gymnasiums and other projects in spare time. The dance studio should create an artistic world for students to give people a beautiful feeling. It contains supporting facilities such as dance studios, dressing rooms, and toilets.

2. The dance room needs to be equipped with mirrors, floors, audio televisions and other teaching application equipment, and the environmental requirements should not be less than 280 square meters. Fluorescent lighting should be used, and curtains should be installed on the windows to avoid sunlight. Exhaust fans should be used for forced ventilation, and air conditioners and electric fans should be installed to ensure that the indoor temperature should not exceed 30°C. The floor is covered with solid wood floor, and the floor of the dance studio is covered with solid wood floor or composite floor, or equipped with plastic cushion according to the classroom area

3. The design of the dance room should take into account the functional requirements of teaching and rehearsal, and a full-length mirror with a height not less than the indoor height should be provided. The remaining three inner walls should be provided with handles with a height of no less than 12 meters, and the distance between the handles and the wall should not be less than 30 cm. The equipment cabinet size requires a unified structure, reasonable and practical, and beautiful. The materials meet the environmental protection requirements, the number of equipment cabinets meets all equipment storage, and corresponding anti-theft and fire safety facilities should be provided.

4. On the horizontal wall perpendicular to the daylighting window, there should be two pairs of full-length camera mirrors with a height of not less than 2.1m and a mirror base, and a handle with a height of not less than 1.1m that can be lifted to 3m should be installed on the wall. , The distance between the pole and the wall is not less than 400mm.




Written by Angus,from Sinoy Mirror Inc
2020-11-05 16:12:52
How to choose a bathroom mirror if you want to improve the appearance of the bathroom
Bathroom mirrors are an indispensable accessory in the bathroom, but because the bathroom is highly humid, the choice of bathroom mirrors has different standards and requirements from other mirrors. Today, I will give you a brief introduction to the precautions for the purchase and installation of bathroom mirrors.

Choose from style and appearance

First of all, from the perspective of style, there are generally two types of mirrors, round and square. Different shapes of mirrors should be selected according to different styles. For example, round mirrors tend to be European and American styles, while square mirrors tend to be Chinese. When purchasing, you should observe the mirror from multiple angles from the front, side, and back. Generally, when you look at the mirror, you only pay attention to the direct image of yourself in the mirror, instead of paying special attention to the straight objects in the mirror. Move your line of sight slightly, if the straight object is not bent or deformed, this is a good quality mirror.

Waterproof, anti-rust and anti-fog functions, one can not be less

Ordinary mirrors will become dim if they are placed in a relatively humid place for a long time, and may even rust and fall off. So we need to pay attention to the waterproof and rust-proof ability of the mirror. You can usually watch the portrait in the mirror at close range. You can move your sight up and down or left and right to see if the object is bent or deformed. In addition, there will be a lot of mist in the bathroom after the shower, causing the mirror surface to become blurred. Custom-made anti-fog film is generally used in the market, which is a translucent polyester film that can generate heat after power on. Put it on the back of the bath mirror before use, as flat as possible for easy use.

Storage function is the key

Bathrooms are generally small in space, so while considering the beauty, you also need to consider its storage function. According to the experience of people who have renovated, a mirror with a little storage function can make up for the lack of bathroom space.

In addition, observe and touch the product by hand. Check whether the appearance of the product is deformed or discolored, whether the straight rod is straight, whether the table surface is flat, whether the color is bright, whether the electroplating surface and paint surface of the product have defects and blisters, and whether the welding place is smooth and firm.

Installation is also a university question, 160-165cm above the ground is most suitable

When hanging the mirror, pay attention to the height. Generally, it is better to keep the middle of the mirror 160-165cm above the ground. The mirror in the bathroom can be framed. If it is not framed, it needs to be sealed and waterproof. When installing the mirror front lamp, pay attention to prevent glare. It is recommended to install a lampshade or choose a lamp with a frosted glass surface. In addition to the ordinary mirror, a stretchable magnifying glass is installed above the washbasin.


Written by Angus,from Sinoy Mirror Inc
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