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SINOY 3mm Aluminium mirror, aluminum coated mirror glass

3mm Aluminium Float Glass Mirror
Standard size: 1830 x 1220mm, 1650 x 2200mm, 1830 x 2440mm, 2134 x 3300mm.
Custom size available.
SINOY Aluminum mirror, is produced through vacuum coating, I. E. let the melt aluminum splash on the clear float glass surface in the vacuum chamber,
and then coated with two layers of protective paint. Quality mirrors are coated with double paint.
Aluminum mirror is copper free, can be a variation version of ecological mirror, will not cause heavy metal contamination during usage.
1)      Clear and exact image with true color (not change the original color of objects).
2)      No distortion.
3)      Copper free, will not cause heavy metal contamination.
4)      Can be used for more than 10 years indoor use.
Applications: - Indoor use only.
1)        Decoration and furniture.
2)        Rearview mirror for automobile.
3)        Material mirror for safety mirror and shaped mirror.
4)        Other places that requiring for aluminum mirror
1)      Aluminum mirror is not water-resistant, cannot be used in humid surroundings like bathroom or places near to seaside.
2)      Aluminum mirror is not recommended to be used for beveling or high polished.
3)      AAA-Plus version can be substitutes of silver mirror.
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