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Decorative Waterproof Back Painted Glass, double coated with FENZI paints

Decorative Waterproof Back Painted Glass, double coated with FENZI paints
Back painted glass is also called as back lacquered glass, lacquered glass, painted glass, varnished glass, lacobel glass.
SINOY Back Painted Glass is a stylish range of color backed decorative non-toughened (tempered) glass, it is produced by coating two layers water-resistant paintsonthe back of clear float glass,which can offer various effect when used for decorating.
1)Painted Glass has a sleek, modern luster thanks to a high quality coating on the back;
2)Water-resistant and moisture-resistant;
3)Aesthetically pleasing opaque glass;
4)Can be fitted using traditional mirror fixing techniques
5)Durable appearance: the back of the glass with the layer of varnish is always positioned against the surface to be covered. Positioning it in this way also preserves the color and appearance of the glass
6)High-quality finishing: the manufacturing process guarantees uniform finishing and the paint adheres flawlessly to the glass
7)Easy to assemble and maintaince
Specification of Back Painted Glass / Lacquered Glass
1) Thickness 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, 6mm, 8mm 
2) Standard Sizes: 1220 x 915mm, 1830 x 1220mm, 1830 x 2440mm, 
1524 x 2440mm, 1650 x 2200mm, 1830 x 3050mm,
2134 x 3050mm, 2134 x 3300mm, 2134 x 3660mm,
2250 x 3300mm, 2440 x 3050mm, 2440 x 3660mm.
3) Standard Colors: RAL9010 - Soft white
RAL9003 - Pure white 
RAL9005 - Black 
RAL1013 - Beige
RAL9001 - Cream 
RAL3020 - China red/Traffic red
RAL2001 - Orange Classic 
RAL5017 - Traffic Blue 
RAL9001 - Cream
RAL6019 - Pastel green
RAL1017 - Saffron yellow; etc.  
4) Other Colors can be confirmed against RAL code and samples
Applications - Indoor use only
Painted Glass can be used in a wide variety of domestic, architectural and commercial indoor applications -almost anywhere a contemporary and practical solution is required to enhance an interior space, Includes,
1)Wall cladding,
2)Sliding doors
5)Bars and restaurants
6)Kitchens and bathrooms
7)Table tops
8)Feature walls
Packing:  Packed in seaworthy wooden crates/end-caps, paper interleaved
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