Brenmiller Energy (Israel)to start innovative CSP pilot plant

Brenmiller Energy, the Israel based Concentrated Solar Power technology company will start a pilot plant to test Brenmiller's innovative bCell™ System.
The bCell™ system is described by the company as "a continuous, real dispatchable thermo solar energy generation system". It's comprised of bCell™ modules (the core of the system) to produce stabilized steam for electricity, directly to the turbine inlet, at a steady rate throughout the day, all year long.
The testing process will run for three months while the company works to raise $50 million to develop a full-scale factory to enable mass production and marketing.
The product is designed for high efficiency, high availability and easy maintenance. It is modular and scalable and can provide specific solutions to various energy demands and different operation strategies, whether peak, intermediate or base-load demands. Accordingly, the system is both affordable and competitive in small and large scale applications, from a 1,250 KVA solar generator to a 100 MW solar power station.
Brenmiller Energy’s storage technology is expected to be cheaper than current systems due to less expensive, thought not disclosed, materials used.
Brenmiller Energy's CEO is Avi Brenmiller, former co-founder of Solel Solar Systems, a company that produced solar heat collectors for parabolic trough plants bought by Siemens and recently sold to Abengoa.
The bCell™ is a continuous solar steam boiler producing regulated steam, at standard turbines conditions (500 Celsius 100 bars and more) upon demand, available 24/7 all year-long. Its main building block is the Energy Center, with a unique heat storage, which acts as a buffer, to allow for both dispatchability and stable and continuous steam regardless of solar intensity variations.
The bCell™ can produce about 1.25 MWe equivalent of steam (depending on the given irradiation, cycle efficiency and operation
strategy), which is produced from the tripled solar field. The solar Field, which is based on an enhanced collector trough system, and the Energy Center are combined together to create a modular, direct to the turbine steam producing ‘cell’ called the bCell™.
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