Gym mirror

Gym mirrors are a type of mirror installed in public places such as gyms. They generally occupy a large wall area and can surround the gym in all directions. Gym mirrors are mainly provided to bodybuilders, so that they can observe their own physical condition and the standard of movement during exercise. This article mainly introduces gym mirror size, gym mirror installation method, gym mirror manufacturer and gym mirror price.

Gym mirror size

Gym mirrors are generally wall-mounted mirrors installed on a solid wall. The height is generally about 2 to 3 meters from the ground, and the width is also 2 to 3 meters. This is just a general data concept, and the main thing is to cover the walls of the overall gym. The special point of the gym mirror is that it has a large area and the height should exceed 30 cm of the person's height. Because it is a wall-mounted mirror, it is necessary to pay attention to its firmness when installing it to prevent fitness people from being injured.

How to install gym mirror

The following is an introduction to the specific installation method of the gym mirror, which can be used as a reference for consumers:

(1) First of all, it is necessary to hire professional personnel to measure the size of the wall where the mirror is laid in the gym and customize it. When measuring the wall, it is necessary to fully consider the bearing capacity of the wall, and the wall cannot be damaged. Generally speaking, mirrors used in gyms are more consistent, so high-quality materials need to be selected.

(2) When installing, if you need to use a lamp, you need to keep a certain distance from the mirror, otherwise it will easily reflect strong light from the mirror. It is best for the mirror to have a certain degree of anti-fog performance, so that it is not easy to get water droplets.

(3) Mirrors with borders are generally not easy to cause scratches, nor will the user's clothing be broken. After fully considering these, install the purchased mirror on the wall.




Written by Angus,from Sinoy Mirror Inc