What things should be kept in mind before the smart home transformation?

The utilization rate of smart home in life is getting higher and higher. It improves our quality of life and enhances the quality of life. However, many smart products have not yet achieved true intelligence. Users often need to have a certain understanding of the products. It is even necessary to master some configuration skills to allow smart home products to exert their maximum effect at home and obtain the best smart home renovation effects.

Product features need to be kept in mind

Before deciding to transform the smart home, we must first understand the current smart home product segments and the functions that can be achieved. At present, there are many types of smart home products on the market. According to the classification of Tuya smart home products, it can be roughly divided into six product segments, including smart control, smart security, smart lighting, smart doors and windows, smart home appliances/audio and entertainment sectors , Smart environment monitoring section, etc., and then select the appropriate product section according to actual needs to realize intelligent transformation.

For example, what kind of smart curtains need to be installed for different forms of doors and windows, what kind of smart switches need to be replaced by ordinary switches of air purifiers, how to place different smart products, what scenarios are used, and what is the difference between Tuya e-home system and Tuya smart home system .

Overall planning is very important

After you think about the automation functions that need to be realized in the house and the equipment used, the next thing is to systematically plan the layout of the room equipment. The difference between this plan and the previous plan is that you need to make a systematic plan based on the actual number of sockets in the room and the placement of equipment. For example, how many sensors in each room need to be connected and where they are will directly affect your decision on where to place the gateway.

This kind of overall system planning will not only make the layout of your smart home equipment more reasonable, but the air purifier will also allow you to make rational adjustments to the intelligent functions implemented in different locations according to the actual situation.

Choose the right smart brand

After determining the intelligent functions and the overall equipment installation plan, the next step, you need to determine the appropriate smart home brand.

At present, many smart homes are supporting smart systems. If it is used across brands, it may sometimes be necessary to use different APPs to operate smart products. This is not only cumbersome, but also reduces the linkage between products.

Tuya Smart Home is transmitted to the family information center through the wireless network, and then the family information center uses ZigBee communication technology + WiFi wireless network to formulate equipment to issue instructions to achieve equipment interconnection and all-round information exchange.

More is less

When buying a smart home, you can make a detailed smart home list, buy it on demand, and reasonably match the combination package, such as smart switches and smart curtains, which can realize one-click scene functions. Whether it is a large home appliance or a small home appliance, you can purchase smart home products as needed to make it more convenient and faster to use.

Simple home improvement is not in vain

After installing a smart home, it does not mean that you can do it once and for all, and constantly debug smart products to create different scenarios, allowing you to achieve a more advanced and technological smart home experience. For example, we often see that when the door is opened after returning home from get off work, the curtains are automatically closed and the lights in the house are automatically turned on. Here we need to debug several products.

Of course, if you think this process is quite complicated, you can actually let smart home manufacturers create unique smart home solutions for you. Tuya Smart Home can customize appropriate smart home solutions for users, adding unlimited high-tech intelligence to your home. sense.


Written by Olivia Wang,from Sinoy Mirror Inc