The choice of smart home needs attention

The difficulty of implementing a smart home is indeed not too difficult, but it is not as simple as we thought. Because many families now have so many smart home products more or less, it is precisely because of this that many people feel that their homes already have smart homes. No, it can only mean that your understanding of smart home is not comprehensive enough. So how to choose a more suitable smart home from the perspective of individuals and families?

Clarify individual needs

Before you buy smart home products, you must clarify what your needs are and what personalized services you need. Because each family has different requirements for smart life, the purchase of smart homes is naturally different. The functions of the smart home can be arbitrarily combined to meet the needs of different consumers for smart life. In addition to the necessary functions, such as home security systems, alarm systems, smart lighting systems, smart mirror system,etc., we can also install smart home products according to our special needs, such as home entertainment systems, background music systems, etc., which allow us to Enjoy more entertainment at home.

Is the function integrated

Smart home integration is the use of integrated wiring technology, network communication technology, security technology, automatic control technology, audio and video technology to integrate equipment related to home life. A centralized and unified control method is adopted for home equipment, so the core should be a communication protocol, a system platform for an intelligent sweeping robot, and a solution, equivalent to a computer operating system. The corresponding specific products, such as security products, monitoring products, light control products, multimedia products,smart mirror etc., can be integrated into this system. Through the communication protocol of the system, the various subsystems can be connected to each other and exchange information. Mutual control. However, many products on the market now only have a simple sub-system equipment product, which is also advertised as a smart home, which is actually incorrect. This requires consumers to make a detailed analysis with the merchant before purchasing, and the compatibility of the product It must be good.

choose energy-saving and environmentally friendly products

Energy saving and environmental protection have become the subject words, and promoting energy saving has become a consumer trend and industrial trend. All walks of life are also advocating "energy saving" and "environmental protection". As a smart home manufacturer, providing users with products that are both easy to use and energy-saving cannot be ignored. The smart home control system based on computer technology and automation technology, the energy-saving and environmental protection function is the most prominent in the lighting energy saving. The intelligent sweeping robot can be realized through various timing event management, induction control functions, and automatic detection of light brightness by brightness sensors. Lighting energy saving, etc.

 Whether it has remote control function

Remote control refers to the realization of various remote control through remote control, timing controller, centralized controller or telephone, mobile phone, computer, etc. Smart home is equivalent to a family's smart control center, integrating home appliance control, home security and monitoring, home information terminals, and home digital entertainment. Therefore, please check whether you can access the smart terminal through the Internet and operate the experience when purchasing.

product and brand choice

When choosing a product, the main consideration is the quality and appearance of the product. In addition to smart home products that can bring us smart enjoyment, in fact, good appearance crafts can also bring beautiful visual enjoyment to our family. Some smart home products focus on the functions of the product and ignore the visual enjoyment of the appearance. In fact, this is also a point that consumers cannot ignore when buying products. When choosing a brand, you must follow the principle of "shop around". Choosing an excellent smart home brand manufacturer is a good way to avoid risks. Because a big brand manufacturer can guarantee the quality of the product and the technology can also be guaranteed. Therefore, when choosing a smart home, you must choose a brand with good reputation and high reputation as much as possible. This allows you to buy with confidence and use with confidence. Of course, when you choose an agent, it is best to follow this principle.

Is the product after-sales service considerate

For each manufacturer, the after-sales service of the product is an important factor in the development of the enterprise. Consumers pay great attention to the quality of after-sales service when buying large consumer products. Especially when buying smart home products, this is even more important. The smart home market has yet to be regulated in China, and the after-sales service of each manufacturer is also different. So everyone must understand this aspect clearly.


Written by Olivia Wang,from Sinoy Mirror Inc