Is there any difference between silver mirror and ordinary mirror?

The silver mirror is coated with silver nitrate, which is not easy to oxidize and rust. Ordinary mirrors can use mercury nitrate or mercury sulfate to replace silver nitrate to save costs, but the stability of mercury is not as good as silver, and it is easy to oxidize and rust.

Silver mirrors are much clearer than ordinary mirrors, and the geometric angle of the object light source is more standardized. Ordinary mirrors have low reflectivity and their reflection performance is about 70%. They are easily distorted in shape and color, and have short lifespan and poor corrosion resistance. They have been completely eliminated in European and American countries. However, ordinary mirrors are easy to produce on a large scale, and the cost of raw materials is relatively low.

In addition, in terms of quality, it is generally mercury, but the quality and production process are quite different. High-quality ones should be waterproof and will not be distorted after a long period of time. Distorted and deformed after a long period of time.


Written by Olivia Wang,from Sinoy Mirror Inc