Problems that need to be paid attention to before the installation of bathroom mirrors

Everyone is very familiar with the mirrors in the bathroom, and with the development of the decoration industry, we are more and more aware of the importance of the mirror. It can not only provide us with freshening and dressing, but also make the entire bathroom "larger" , Our vision will be exposed to different feelings. Therefore, for the installation of bathroom mirrors, we must also master the coup.

Before installing the bathroom mirror:

1. When installing the mirror headlight, pay attention to prevent glare. It is recommended to install a lampshade or choose a lamp with a frosted glass surface.

2. Mirror height: Generally, it is better to keep the center of the mirror 160-165 cm above the ground.

3. The mirror in the bathroom should be framed. If it is not framed, it needs to be sealed and waterproof.

4. When installing, be careful not to damage the wall, especially hang a mirror on the ceramic tile wall, try to punch holes in the material joints.

5. In addition to installing ordinary mirrors, it is recommended to install a stretchable magnifying glass above the washbasin.

6. When taking a bath, the mirror in the bathroom is blurred by the steam. You can apply soap on the mirror surface and wipe it with a dry cloth to prevent the mirror surface from blurring.

7. The dirt on the mirror can be wiped with a soft cloth or gauze dipped in some kerosene or wax, but do not wipe with a wet cloth, otherwise the mirror surface will be blurred and the glass will be easily corroded.


Written by Olivia Wang,from Sinoy Mirror Inc