The difference between silver mirror, grey mirror and bronze mirror

Mirrors are inorganic non-metallic materials that are widely used and have a wide range of applications. They can be used in construction, daily use, art, instrumentation and other fields, and the types are very rich. In addition to the commonly used silver mirrors and aluminum mirrors, there are also bronze mirrors, grey mirrors and no bronze mirrors. Now let the editor of SINOY take you to understand the difference between silver mirror, grey mirror and bronze mirror.

Silver mirror

Silver mirrors are made by adopting modern advanced mirror-making technology, choosing special-grade float glass as the original film, and performing a series of processes such as sensitization, silver plating, copper plating, and protective paint.

It is characterized by pure imaging, high reflectivity, good color reproduction, bright and natural images, and durable even in humid environments. It is a replacement product for aluminum mirrors, and its scope of use extends far beyond aluminum mirror products.

Widely used in furniture, handicrafts, decoration, bathroom mirrors, makeup mirrors, optical mirrors, and car rearview mirrors.


Grey Mirror

Gray mirror is a widely used decorative mirror. In general, it is divided into color mirror ranks. The basic process of its production is to plate a layer of silver powder on the gray glass, and then paint one or more layers of high corrosion resistance environmentally friendly paint, and through a series of beautification and cutting processes.


Bronze mirror

The bronze mirror is a silver mirror made of citrine or brown glass. The color of the bronze mirror looks like golden . In many cases, the bronze mirror designed as an ornament will have some special geometric shapes, which have a very good decorative effect. . So it is widely used in furniture, handicrafts, decoration, etc.


Therefore, they do not have a major difference in materials on the market, but there are certain differences in manufacturing processes.


The above is the editor of SINOY editor Angus