The difference between painted glass and colored mirror

How to distinguish between painted glass and colored mirror? Is it different? First of all, let’s take a look at the difference between the following two pictures


Presumably, you should not be able to distinguish the differences between these two types of glass and mirrors. Now there is a editor from SINOY to take you to understand the similarities and differences between painted glass and colored mirrors.


Colored mirrors refer to various colored mirrors made of high-quality colored float glass as the original instead of ordinary float transparent glass. Color mirrors are divided into two categories: color aluminum mirrors and color silver mirrors. Namely color aluminized glass mirror and color silvered glass mirror. The colors sold in the market are blue, green, gray, brown, gold, black, pink, etc.


Painted glass is also called back-painted glass in the industry, divided into flat painted glass and frosted painted glass. Spray paint on the back of the glass and bake it in an oven at 30-45 degrees for 8-12 hours. In many places where baking varnished glass is made, natural drying is generally used, but the adhesion of naturally dried paint is relatively small, and in a humid environment Easy to fall off.

According to different production methods, baking varnished glass is generally divided into: paint sprayed glass and colored glazed glass. In colored glazed glass, it is divided into low temperature colored glazed glass and high temperature colored glazed glass. Paint-sprayed glass has bright colors when it is first used, mostly in single color or partial color registration with multiple layers of saturated colors. It is often used indoors. When outdoors, it will peel off the paint after being exposed to wind, rain and sun.


Similarities between the two

The common point of the two is that they are all glass deep-processing products. The color mirror has good finish and the coating is relatively stable; the painted glass looks like a color mirror from the front, but the paint is prone to bubbles and trachoma cannot be installed in the air


Can you now distinguish between the two pictures above which is the lacquered glass and which is the color mirror?


The above is the report brought by SINOY editor Angus.