The mirror cleaned with shaving cream is so bright and dazzling

The mirror in the house is always dirty, but it is not cleaned up. Every time it is wiped, it feels as if there is a protective film on it. It is always not so bright, so many people also I have thought of many ways to clean the mirror, but they have no good results. And if there is a man in the house, then you will find that using shaving cream to clean the mirror will become very convenient, and the effect is very good, because shaving cream is a very powerful item, and its chemical reaction is also very high. Strong, especially its foam is very much.


So if you rub it on the mirror, you will see a lot of bubbles appear on the mirror, and in this way, you can find that these bubbles can integrate all the impurities on the mirror. After cleaning up all the impurities, use a wet paper towel to remove the foam. Then you will find that the mirror becomes very bright and very dazzling. This will become very convenient, and everyone They all know that they are actually at home. This situation often occurs, and through such a small experiment, it is also found that if the glass in the home is damaged, the same method is used to treat it, and the effect is very good


But it’s just that it may waste a lot of razors, so you can choose those that are very cheap when you buy them. After all, they are not painted on your face, so there is no need to worry about chemical reactions or allergies. Wait. Therefore, it must be able to play a very good role in cleaning the home, and for most people, after seeing that it can bring so much convenience to people, everyone is also very excited, because the condition of For people, they are also very clean. Using a razor to clean the mirror is a better effect.


And it can also make it easier for people to look in the mirror at ordinary times. You can see your dress and mirror clearly. If it is very clean, it will make people feel better. And most people may also see such a problem, after all, in people's lives. If you want to make your home cleaner, you need to try all kinds of ways to clean your own room. After all, this is the only way to make the place where you live becomes very clean. Sometimes, if you clean If it is not in time, it may also bring some unsatisfactory results. Therefore, the most important thing in home hygiene is not whether people will clean, but what the cleaning methods people take, because sometimes it is simple and simple. One thing alone makes people do very complicated, just because they choose the wrong method.