Advantages, disadvantages and applications of painted glass

Now there are many kinds of decoration materials on the market. Painted glass is a kind of decoration material that is more popular among customers. Because painted glass has many advantages, such as non-greasy, easy to clean, opaque, etc., it is As a more common interior decoration material. It is mainly applied to kitchen walls, cabinet tops, TV background walls, wardrobe sliding doors, partition doors and so on. In the eyes of some interior designers, they particularly like to add design elements of painted glass to the design of small apartments, because its bright colors can increase the visual space and make the whole room visually transparent and bright. Now let SINOY editor take you to understand the advantages and disadvantages of painted glass and its application in decoration!


Let's first understand what is painted glass?

Painted glass is a layer of environmentally friendly paint on the back of ordinary glass or ultra-white glass, which is baked in a strengthening furnace and then air-dried to fix the color. The manufacturing process does not add any harmful substances to the human body. Because the paint glass has a wide range of colors and a wide range of applications, it can be used in various wall surfaces, countertops, interior spaces and door panels. And its opaque nature can also be used as a compartment building material.


Here is an introduction to the advantages and disadvantages of painted glass


1. Not easy to be contaminated with oil, easy to clean and easy to wipe

(It can be used as kitchen wall and countertop. It can also be used as graffiti wall in children's room)

2. Variety of colors, more choices

  (It can be used as a background wall, a sliding door in a wardrobe or the interior of the space)

3. It is not easy to transmit light, and the surface is flat and smooth, creating a seamless effect

(Can double as a compartment)

4. It is not easy to have scratches and does not fade

5. High temperature resistance, water resistance, strong acid and alkali resistance

6. Strong adhesion, not easy to fall off




1. Drill holes and socket holes must be reserved before installation

2. Not resistant to sharp objects

3. When broken, pay attention to safety to avoid cuts

4. Due to the baking varnish on the surface, it is not suitable for external walls or outdoors


Written by SINOY Angus