Antique mirror

Antique mirror is the latest and most popular decorative mirror in the world. It is different from the functional full-length mirror (silver mirror) and decorative mirror (coated color mirror) in our daily life. It is processed by a special process. Mottled patterns with bright colors are formed on the top, which is quite Baroque in the Middle Ages.

Because of its noble and elegant artistic characteristics, antique mirrors are widely used in high-end decorations such as corridors, ceilings, decorative walls, etc., whether it is India, Malaysia, the Philippines, or Europe, America, Japan, Singapore, it can be used in some high-end entertainment and dining The place sees its shadow.

Antique mirrors can be widely used in home decoration companies and design studios: used in public areas of offices or apartments, shopping malls or retail stores, bars, restaurants, clubs, cinemas, etc., and also used in public buildings, offices, Clinics and hospitals can also be embedded on walls, doors or pillars, and can also be used to process furniture materials.

The architectural decoration antique mirrors have a variety of colors and textures, which can make the installation environment more colorful and radiant, making people feel like they have traveled to ancient times. Antique mirrors can be cut to any size. Advanced technology can not only cut to any size, but also some deep processing customization, sandblasting, frosting, surface processing, silk screen printing, laminating, and some edging processing, such as beveling, drilling Hole and so on.