Space application of decorative mirror

Because the decorative mirror can illuminate the food on the table, stimulate the taste nerves of the diners, and increase the appetite, it is very suitable for use in the restaurant space. In addition, decorative mirrors are also commonly used soft decoration elements in neo-classical, Chinese, European, and modern restaurants. In the hanging position, generally choose a more conspicuous and open area. If the sideboard is arranged in the restaurant, the decorative mirror can also be hung above the sideboard.


In addition to being used as a full-length mirror, the decorative mirror in the bedroom can also play a role in enlarging the space, thereby dissolving the oppressive feeling of a small bedroom. You can also design a group of small decorative mirrors on the wall of the bedroom, which not only expands the space, but also makes the bedroom decoration more individual and bright.


As a necessities of the bathroom wall, decorative mirror seems to be dominant in its function, so many people ignore its decorative and spatial effects. In fact, as long as it is cleverly designed, the mirror surface can bring unexpected decorative effects to the bathroom. Decorative mirrors can not only extend the space visually, but also enhance the brightness. The decorative mirrors in the bathroom are usually installed above the washstand to beautify the environment while also making it easy to organize makeup.


Installing the decorative mirror on the wall parallel to the window can introduce the scenery outside the window into the room, increasing the indoor comfort and sense of nature. If the conditions are limited and the decoration cannot be installed in this location, the color, shape and type of the reflector should be considered to avoid making the indoor space appear chaotic. In addition, you can also hang a decorative painting on the opposite side of the decorative mirror or simply use a white wall to increase the depth of the room.


Generally speaking, the width of the decorative mirror should be at least 0.5m. Large decorative mirrors can be 1.7~1.9m. If you want the decorative mirror to be the focal point of the space, you should hang it at least 1.5m above the floor. The hanging position of the small decorative mirror should be at eye level, too high or too low may affect daily use. The recommended distance for viewing the decorative mirror is about 1.5m. It should be noted that artificial lights should be avoided to directly shine the decorative mirror.