How to better use decorative mirrors to match your wall

Decorative mirrors have various shapes such as round, square, polygonal and irregular shapes. Each shape has its own uniqueness and can produce different visual effects.

There are two types of round decorative mirrors: true round and oval, and its shape can give people a comfortable feeling. A round decorative mirror with a simple frame can give the space a simple and clear atmosphere, while a round decorative mirror with a lace frame is full of artistic sense. Whether it is a round decorative mirror in a gear style or a flower style, it can play a good decorative role. The oval decorative mirror pays more attention to practical effects, and its shape can not only bring curvilinear beauty to the interior, but also save space to a certain extent.

The square decorative mirror is both decorative and functional. The long rectangular mirror has a large reflection area, can be used for decoration and reflection of light, and is easy to match with the surrounding environment. Decorative mirrors of this shape can be seen in many modern and minimalist spaces.


The polygonal hanging mirror has sharp edges and corners, beautiful lines, and the overall style is relatively simple and modern. It is a good choice for home wall decoration. Some polygonal hanging mirrors have metal rims, which are luxurious and delicate.


Irregular shaped decorative mirrors are more artistic than round decorative mirrors, and the space for imagination is larger, and the space atmosphere rendered is more intense


The minimalist rimmed decorative mirrors usually perfectly echo the thin-leg furniture. The gilded decorative mirror is very suitable for placing with the ink, which can enhance the spatial aura. Antique mirrors with simple patterns are highly decorative, and the carefully carved frame can reflect the entire space. The periphery of some decorative mirrors will be decorated with a pattern made up of a circle of branches. The design is full of modernity, with a natural and fresh atmosphere.