What are the functions and characteristics of smart glass

This kind of glass is made using the principle of electrochromism. It is very popular in the architectural decoration of some cities in the United States and Germany. The characteristic of smart glass is that when the sun is at noon, the windows facing the south will increase with the amount of sunlight. If you increase it, it will automatically become darker. At the same time, the other facing windows in the shadow begin to brighten. After installing smart windows, people don't have to use dark colors to block the sun or install mechanical hoods. In severe winter, this kind of facing north Directional smart windows can provide 70% of the solar radiation to the building, and get the warmth given by diffuse sunlight. At the same time, it can also reduce the heating and cooling of the building with 25% of the energy required for heating and cooling, lighting 60% of power consumption and 30% of peak power demand.

British scientists are developing smart glass for future cars. It will not only beautify, but will also add new functions to modern cars. These glasses include:

Colored glass, this is a kind of smart glass that can control sunlight. It can block 84% of sunlight, while standard colorless 4 mm thick glass can only block 11% of sunlight. If a car is installed with this kind of glass, it can protect The fibers and decorations do not fade.

Shatter-resistant glass, this type of glass is mainly used for side windows. It is as strong and strong as the windshield, and it is not easy for thieves to break the glass window and steal the real thing.

The mirror glass, the route navigation, marking and information system in the future car, the driver can get directly from the windshield, and can also see the scenery 1 mile away in fog and rain.

Infrared glass, it can automatically open the windshield wiper in rainy weather, and change the wiper speed according to the rainfall.

Rain-proof and light-proof glass, the glass surface is treated with new technology to make it easy to waterproof and reduce the amount of light reflected by the glass. This kind of glass is mainly used in various instrument surface covers in the car in addition to being used in car window glass. The light from the windshield reflects into the driver's sight.

Embedded in radio glass, this kind of glass can embed radio antennas inside the glass, and can also embed various devices such as cellular phones or televisions into the glass, which makes the car more beautiful and will not damage the overall image of the car due to the antenna.