What is Patterned glass?

Patterned glass, also known as patterned glass, is mainly used in indoor partitions, door and window glass, and bathroom glass partitions. The patterns and patterns on the glass are beautiful and exquisite, they look like pressed on the surface of the glass, and the decorative effect is better.

This kind of glass can block a certain line of sight and at the same time has good light transmittance. To avoid dust pollution, pay attention to the side with the pattern facing the inside when installing.

Embossed glass is a kind of flat glass manufactured by a calendering method. Before the glass is hardened, a patterned roller is used to emboss patterns on one or both sides of the glass to make a pattern on one or both sides. glass.

The surface of the patterned glass is pressed with various patterns and patterns of different depths. Due to the uneven surface, the light diffuses when it passes through. Therefore, when you look at the object on the other side of the glass, the object image will be blurred and formed This kind of glass is transparent and not transparent. In addition, the embossed glass is very beautiful because of its various squares, dots, diamonds, strips and other patterns on the surface, so it also has a good artistic decoration effect.

The perspective of patterned glass varies with the pattern and distance.

According to its perspective, it can be divided into almost transparent and visible, slightly transparent and visible, almost obstructing invisible and completely obstructing invisible.

According to its type, it is divided into embossed glass, embossed vacuum aluminized glass, three-dimensional embossed glass and color film embossed glass. The physical and chemical properties of embossed glass are basically the same as ordinary transparent flat glass. It is only optically transparent and opaque, can soften the light, and has a privacy screen and a certain decorative effect. Patterned glass is suitable for indoor partitions in buildings, bathroom doors and windows, and various occasions where light is required and the line of sight needs to be blocked.

Patterned glass is also a type of flat glass, but it is embossed on the basis of the flat plate, so the selection is the same as flat glass. It's just that you need to consider whether the pattern of the embossed glass is beautiful or not when choosing, which has a lot to do with your personal aesthetics. In addition, some patterned glass is still colored, so it is necessary to consider the coordination with the color and design style of the interior space.

Patterned glass is suitable for indoor partitions, bathroom doors and windows, and various occasions where light is required and the line of sight needs to be blocked. Because patterned glass is made by pressing, its strength is much greater than ordinary flat glass. At the same time, embossed glass can be produced in various colors and can be used as a good decorative material in various indoor spaces. The high strength and good decorative effect of patterned glass make it widely used in various indoor spaces. The living room, dining room, study room, screen and entrance are all suitable for installing patterned glass. Similar to patterned glass is frosted glass. There is no difference in optical properties between frosted glass and patterned glass, except that the texture on the surface of the frosted glass is smaller and denser, so it is reflected, refracted and diffused by the frosted glass. The light is more uniform and soft than patterned glass.