Classification of laminated glass

1. According to the thickness of laminated glass, the range is generally between 9mm and 100mm, and the dimensions also vary, such as 1.5x2.4 or 1.8x3.6 meters, and 2.4x3.6 meters.
2. According to the intermediate film of laminated glass, there are PVP laminated glass and SGP laminated glass, EVA laminated glass and PU glass.
3. In addition, there are also relatively special laminated glass, such as colored intermediate film, which is a type of laminated glass.
4. According to the melting point of the intermediate membrane, there are low-temperature laminated glass, high-temperature laminated glass, and a more common type of insulating glass.
5. According to their functions, there are general laminated glass and bulletproof glass.

laminated glass