The benefits of laminated glass

The advantages of laminated glass mainly include its excellent safety performance, sound insulation effect, high strength, UV resistance, and energy-saving performance. 
1. Safety performance: Laminated glass, due to the presence of PVB film between two or more pieces of glass, even if the glass is broken, the fragments will adhere to the film and will not scatter, thereby reducing harm to people.
2. Sound insulation effect: The PVB film in the middle of the laminated glass can effectively absorb sound waves, reduce sound propagation, provide good sound insulation effect, especially have a significant insulation effect on medium and low frequency noise.
3. High strength: Laminated glass has high strength and can resist impact and vibration, increasing the durability of the glass.
4. UV resistance: Laminated glass can absorb over 99% of ultraviolet radiation, effectively protecting indoor furniture, artworks, etc. from damage caused by UV radiation.
5. Energy saving performance: Laminated glass can reduce sunlight penetration, block heat, maintain indoor temperature, and save air conditioning energy consumption.

laminated glass