What is insulating glass

Hollow glass was invented in 1865 and is a new type of building material that has good insulation, sound insulation, aesthetic applicability, and can reduce the weight of buildings.
It is a high-efficiency soundproof and heat-insulating glass made by bonding two (or three) pieces of glass with a high-strength and high airtightness composite adhesive to an aluminum alloy frame containing a desiccant. Hollow glass has multiple superior properties compared to ordinary double-layer glass, and therefore has been recognized by countries around the world. Hollow glass is a glass product that effectively supports and evenly separates two or more pieces of glass, and is bonded and sealed around, forming a dry gas space between the glass layers. Its main materials are glass, warm edge spacers, corner bolts, butyl rubber, polysulfide rubber, and desiccants.

Hollow glass is composed of two or more layers of flat glass. Use high-strength and high airtightness composite adhesive around to bond and seal two or more pieces of glass with sealing strips or glass strips. Fill the middle with dry gas and the frame with desiccant to ensure the dryness of the air between the glass sheets. Various glass raw materials with different performance can be selected according to requirements, such as colorless transparent float glass embossed glass, heat absorbing glass, heat reflecting glass, laminated glass, tempered glass, etc., and the frame (aluminum frame or glass strip, etc.) can be made by bonding, welding or fusion.
Its structure is shown in the sectional view of double-layer insulating glass in the figure. Hollow glass can be made of 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, and 12mm thick original glass sheets, and the air layer thickness can be spaced at 6mm, 9mm, and 12mm intervals.
The thermal conductivity of glass is 27 times that of air, and as long as the insulating glass is sealed, it has the best insulation effect.
There is a certain amount of space left between the glass of insulating glass. Fill the frame with desiccant to ensure the dryness of the air between the glass sheets. The spacing between the two layers of insulating glass is generally 8mm.
High performance insulating glass is different from ordinary insulating glass. In addition to sealing dry air between the two layers of glass, a special metal film with good thermal performance should also be coated on the side of the air layer in the middle of the outer glass. It can cut off a considerable amount of energy emitted from the sun into the room, providing greater insulation effect.

insulating glass