How to use an angle grinder to polish the glass edge? What kind of grinding disc is good for grinding glass?

1.Angle grinder: also known as grinder or disc grinder, is a kind of abrasive tool used for cutting and grinding of glass fiber reinforced plastic. Angle grinder is a portable electric tool that uses glass fiber reinforced plastic for cutting and grinding, mainly used for cutting, grinding and grinding. Brush metal and stone, etc.


Principle: The electric angle grinder is to use high-speed rotating sheet grinding wheels, rubber grinding wheels, wire wheels, etc. to grind, cut, rust, and polish metal components. Angle grinders are suitable for cutting, grinding and brushing metal and For stone, water cannot be used during the operation. A guide plate must be used when cutting the stone. For models equipped with electronic control devices, if suitable accessories are installed on such machines, grinding and polishing operations can also be performed.


The main functions of edging machine: anti-slip groove, 45° chamfering and polishing, arc edging machine, trimming.


2. What kind of grinding piece is good for grinding glass


It is better to use stone glass grinding discs for grinding glass.


The abrasive disc is a bonded abrasive that consolidates ordinary abrasives into a certain shape (mostly circular, with through holes in the middle), and has a certain strength of consolidated abrasives. It is generally composed of abrasives, bonding agents and pores. These three Some of them are often called the three elements of consolidated abrasives. According to the different classifications of binders, the common ones are ceramic (bond) grinding wheels, resin (bond) grinding wheels, and rubber (bond) grinding wheels. Grinding wheels are very used in abrasives. It is a kind of large and widely used surface. It rotates at high speed when in use. It can rough, semi-finish and fine-grind the outer circle, inner circle, flat surface and various profiles of metal or non-metal work pieces, as well as slotting and Cut off etc.