How to distinguish between good and bad mirrors?

I have different images in different mirrors, and I want to know how to distinguish which mirror is better.

1. Pattern vs. Flat: With the development of mirror technology, many effect patterns can be created on the mirror surface. However, such mirrors are more suitable for decorative purposes. However, if used to expand the sense of space, it is still better to choose a calm and lake like large mirror.
2. White mirror vs. gray mirror: Mirrors can be classified by color as gray mirror, white mirror, etc. White mirrors are brighter and suitable for living in small areas with insufficient light; Gray mirror reflection is not too strong, relatively stable, and suitable for larger living spaces.
3. The Four Tips for Choosing: First, look at the mirror surface, especially the white mirror. Carefully check if there are any impurities in the coating and if the mirror surface is smooth; Secondly, it is important to check the closure and avoid any slight breakage, as a small breakage will inevitably lead to the final breakage of the entire mirror; Three, choose the thickness, and the mirror should be based on the thickness. The prices vary, and many people choose thinner mirrors to save money. However, mirrors that are too thin can easily break, which is not worth the cost. It is recommended to choose a mirror with a thickness of 8mm; The fourth thing to consider is whether the bottom plate is flat and thick. The bottom plate is often the overlooked part, but it is the foundation for whether the mirror is straight.
4. At present, the main difference between high-end brands and ordinary products lies in the authenticity of the images. When making a purchase, you can observe its quality from multiple angles, including the front, side, and back. When you gently move your gaze and a straight object does not bend or deform, it is a high-quality mirror.

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